The Milliflex® Quantum System - Rapid Bioburden Testing To Detect Microbial Contamination Earlier

Milliflex Quantum Rapid Detection System

Traditional bioburden testing (or microbial limit testing) takes several days to grow visible colonies of microorganisms, so identifying these and initiating corrective action takes longer. The Milliflex® Quantum system quantitatively detects microbial contamination in filterable samples in as little as a third of the time it takes with traditional plate-based monitoring methods. The Milliflex® Quantum system is based on fluorescent staining of all viable microorganisms, making emerging microcolonies visible to the system when they’re still too small to be seen with the naked eye. After rapid detection, the colonies can be reincubated to grow into visible colonies and be identified by any method—an approach that cleverly combines rapid and compendial bioburden testing.

Key benefits

  • Detection of microbial contamination up to 3x earlier than with traditional bioburden testing
  • Non-destructive method allowing subsequent identification by any method
  • Easy-to-use system and simple workflow requiring minimal training
  • Robust membrane filtration technique for a wide variety of even complex sample types
  • Results comparable to compendial method, so validation is faster
  • Compact hardware unit that fits on any lab bench

We provide technical support and comprehensive services to facilitate the implementation of the Milliflex® Quantum system, in particular feasibility studies, method development services, validation services (IQ/OQ in customer lab, along with team training), as well as service plans to ensure the continued performance and reliability of the system.