The New Age Of Digital Biomanufacturing

Source: GE Healthcare Life Sciences
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By William Whitford, GE Healthcare Bio-Sciences AB, Björkgatan 30, 75184 Uppsala, Sweden and Daniel Horbelt, Insilico Biotechnology AG, Meitnerstrasse 9, 70563 Stuttgart, Germany

The New Age Of Digital Biomanufacturing

Advances in bioprocess monitoring and analytics, as well as in bioinformatics and computational biology, are changing the way we look at the bioproduction process. Heightened computing power and connectivity, automation, and robotics are enabling this revolution. New in-line probes and automated at-line sampling feed highthroughput analytics which are producing data-lakes to be processed. Powerful computing hardware, flexible and connected data storage capacities, and advanced interfacing and control algorithms determine a quantum leap in manufacturing capability. Adaptive fuzzy expert systems now employ artificial intelligence to provide a continuous optimization of process performance using previously developed metabolic models and data from current processes as well as historic data. Digital biomanufacturing is demonstrating its power in improving process development and operational performance, as well as quality systems and regulatory compliance.

This poster explains the drivers of the digital biomanufacturing revolution and how they are steering us towards science-based increased plantwide efficiency, quality, adaptability, and profitability.