The Steritest® System — Benchmark Technology For Filtration-Based Sterility Testing


Sterility testing is a requirement to confirm that pharmaceutical products purporting to be sterile do not contain viable microorganisms before being released and administered to patients. So, it is vital that the method used for testing medical devices, pharmaceutical products, formulations, tissue materials, and other products is both reliable and accurate.

As a pioneer of sterility testing, we have permanently expanded and perfected our sterility testing portfolio to become the world-leading supplier of technology for membrane filtration-based sterility testing in cleanrooms, laminar flow hoods, biosafety cabinets, and isolators. The Steritest® product family includes pumps (Steritest® Symbio Pumps), devices (Steritest® NEO Devices), culture media & rinsing fluids, accessories, and services—in effect, all necessary components for fully compliant sterility testing according to USP <71>, EU Pharmacopoeia <2.6.1>, and JP Pharmacopoeia <4.06>:

Key benefits

  • Robust, proven technology for any facility set-up
  • Well-thought-out technical features with attention to detail
  • Straightforward six-step workflow
  • Low risk of false positive and negative results
  • Unparalleled expertise, experience, and breadth of offered products and services

Our services portfolio supporting the Steritest® family for sterility testing includes method development services, validation protocols and services (including IQ/OQ service and PQ consultancy), maintenance and service plans, as well as theoretical and hands-on training (school).