Thermal Ink Jet Printers: Pharmaceutical Packaging

Source: Domino North America

Thermal Ink Jet Printers

The G-Series range of Thermal Ink Jet Printers use a HP Type 45A cartridge as the fundamental print engine ideal for pharmaceutical packaging.

The cartridge contains an ink reservoir of 42ml and uses a series of resistive elements that are manufactured using a production process called photolithography.

Each resistive element is activated by an electrical voltage/ current which when applied heats up the ink in contact with the element which in turn results in the formation of an ink droplet, the fully formed ink droplet is then ejected precisely out of the faceplate nozzle onto the target substrate to form an image. The resistive element is turned off by the removal of the voltage/ current, the resistive chamber fills with ink and the process is repeated multiple times to create images.

The dwell time between firing is 100 millionth of a second which makes the TIJ technology extremely fast and easy to use.