Case Study

Case Study: Top 3 Indian Pharmaceutical Companies Implement Global Vision's Automated Proofreading Solutions

Source: GlobalVision

Ensuring the most efficient and accurate artwork workflow process has become a top priority for all Indian pharmaceutical companies. “India is the 3rd largest producer of pharmaceuticals across the world” says Srikant Kumar Jena, the Minister of State for Chemicals and Fertilizers, Government of India. By 2015, according to Mckinsey and Company’s report, Indian pharmaceutical manufacturing opportunities will double in size, going from 20 billion USD to 40 billion USD.

The pharmaceutical industry has zero-tolerance for errors, which makes it imperative that all packaging components are accurate each and every time. In pharmaceutical manufacturing environments, each year there are 1000’s of packaging components being produced in a multitude of languages. As a result, the top 3 Indian pharmaceutical companies looked for a system, which they felt would support the level of quality required not only by them, but also by their customers.

The top 3 Indian pharmaceutical companies looked at several off the shelf applications before finally choosing Global Vision’s market leading Docu-Proof™ and ScanTVST™, text and print inspection software. There were several reasons behind this choice. First, Global Vision has an excellent worldwide reputation for making proofreading solutions that are fully compliant with all pharmaceutical standards. Second, Docu-ProofT™ and ScanTVS™ produced clear results that were easy to understand.