White Paper

Track & Trace: Turn Compliance Into A Supply Chain Value Proposition

Source: Movilitas Consulting
Movilitas Consulting

As Supply Chains become increasingly complex and demanding, companies need to deploy applications, services, and mobile solutions that satisfy many parallel goals. Companies must factor areas of compliance, product integrity, product visibility, and risk reduction, all while running their supply chain at full speed.

This white paper is designed to provide an overview for businesses and leaders to understand the  concepts of Track & Trace within the supply chain and some of the benefits that may be realized by  improved product visibility, serialization and traceability.

The information provided will enable you to best understand how Track & Trace is important for your organization, for:
SAP companies of all sizes and industries. This document is best suited for:

  • Understanding the key concepts of Track and Trace within your supply chain
  • Exploring benefits realized by improved product visibility and tracebility
  • Reviewing the SAP Track & Trace solution overview and solution architecture