Transferring Highly Volatile Material

Source: Quadro Engineering Corp.

In general, vacuum transfer systems are only to be used for products which are either dry, or have such a low moisture content that they display all the properties of a dry product. However, some moist products can lend themselves to vacuum transfer, although trials are always recommended in such instances to confirm suitability.

One such instance involved the transfer of a highly volatile pharmaceutical product, from a centrifuge, to drums for onward movement to the dryer. The solvents used in the manufacturing process were highly flammable, and to compound this, the actual product itself would explode if impacted with sufficient energy. The moisture content of the product at the end of the centrifuge cycle was typically 6 - 7%, and had the consistency of snow.

Quadro's engineering expertise was called upon to provide a suitable solution, which it did by designing its Quadro Vac® to handle this tough-to-transfer product without any problem. The moist nature of the product did not hinder the transfer process, and no evidence of product retention was found in either the conveying lines, the primary filter or the discharge chute. Another successful Quadro Vac® application achieved.

SOURCE: Quadro Engineering Corp.