News | November 8, 2011

Try A Ross Laboratory Multi-Shaft Mixer

Try A Ross Laboratory Multi-Shaft Mixer

Popular models of Ross Laboratory Multi-Shaft Mixers are now being offered for trial/rental. Available in 1, 2 and 4-gallon capacities, these R&D mixers feature two or three independently-driven agitators working in tandem, such as a high speed saw-tooth disperser, a high shear rotor/stator and a low-speed anchor. Pictured is a triple-shaft mixer equipped with a sub-surface powder injection assembly.

Multi-shaft mixers are commonly used for solids dispersion, dissolution, particle size reduction, emulsification and preparing homogenous viscous mixtures as high as a million centipoise. These systems can also function as reactors capable of maintaining tight control of temperature and vacuum or pressure level.

An air/oil hydraulic lift is supplied standard for raising/lowering the mix vessel to the agitators. Motors are inverter-duty for use with variable speed control systems. Popular options include sight/charge ports, temperature probes, interchangeable jacketed mix vessels, sanitary construction, built-in vacuum pump, heating/cooling units, discharge systems, explosion-proof operator stations and PLC systems.

SOURCE: Charles Ross and Son Company

Charles Ross and Son Company