Tube Filling Equipment: PK 30 AL – SH / DH

Source: Daiichi Jitsugyo (America), Inc.
Tube Filling Equipment: PK 30 AL – SH / DH

DH tube filling equipment are cost-effective fillers that offer ergonomic design and are easy to maintain for operators. It is a fixed-speed tube filling and sealing machine. It is a semi-automatic tube filler for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, and food products. It has an output of 35 and 70 tubes/minute for aluminum tubes.

Type of Tube: Aluminum
Machine Operation: Semi Automatic
Machine Type: Rotary
Output speed (min/hr): 35 /2100 & 70 /4200
Fill Volume: 3 gms to 150 gms / 3 gms to 100 gms
Tube diameter: 12 mm to 35 mm / 10 mm to 22 mm