Source: NuAire, Inc.

The CP100WX is a general-purpose Ultracentrifuge with outstanding performance up to 100,000 rpm assisting in a wide range of separation protocols in involving proteins, DNA, RNA, metal nano-colloids, and more. Reliable and efficient the Hitachi CP100WX features a Rotor Life Management (RLM) system to automatically maintain rotor logging history maximizing rotor life.

  • Rotor Life Management - Operational records of each rotor is stored using the Hitachi Rotor Life Management (RLM) system. Every rotor comes stanard with a memory system and is read using a sensor within the CP100WX eliminating the need for manual rotor logbook entries.
  • Rotor Life is Automatically Extended - The RLM system records rotor type, serial number, total number of runs and accumulated run time. Precise automatic tracking of rpm and operation time to the nearest 0.1 hours and 0.1 times extends rotor life ±10 times longer than conventional calculations.
  • Imbalance Protection System - A non-contact imbalance sensor monitors vibrations or the rotor and drive shaft. Samples may be visually balanced within 5 mm. If major vibrations are detected the Imbalance Protection System activates and stops operation.
  • Self-Locking Rotor System - With the use of only your hands, rotors may be placed and remove from the drive shaft.

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