News | October 14, 2020

Uquifa Announces Partnership With Gilead To Produce Remdesivir

Uquifa Group in Barcelona, a Spanish-based company, announced it has been chosen by Gilead as one of the company’s manufacturing partners in the supply chain for the production of Remdesivir intermediates. Uquifa will provide certain manufacturing services as part of this supply chain from its Hungarian facility, Soneas. The two companies have been working together on other programs for several years and have an established working partnership. When remdesivir was identified as potential treatment for COVID-19, and Gilead needed to expand its manufacturing capability, Soneas was able to quickly respond.

By working together in a coordinated fashion, Soneas, alongside Gilead’s network of manufacturing partners, is supporting global patient needs. Remdesivir is currently available in Spain via the Emergency Support Instrument (ESI) – an approach to pharmaceutical procurement which reflects the joint commitment of Gilead and the EC to meet the needs of patients during a global pandemic by ensuring rapid and equitable access to the first anti-retroviral treatment proven to be effective for patients hospitalized with COVID-19.

About Uquifa Group
Uquifa Group is a Spanish-based Contract Manufacturer (CMO) of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and Intermediates for the pharmaceutical and animal health industries globally. The company has 80 years of experience and 4 manufacturing sites (2 in Spain, 1 in Hungary and 1 in Mexico) with strict adherence to all regulatory norms. These sites operate under cGMP conditions and have been inspected and approved by global pharmaceutical companies and leading regulatory authorities. For more information, visit

Source: Uquifa S.A.U.