Application Note

Application Note: Using The GeoPyc T.A.P. Density Analyzer To Measure Bulk Density And Packing Volume Of Mixed Food Powders

Source: Micromeritics Instrument Corporation

Micromeritics' GeoPyc 1360 T.A.P. Density Analyzer accomplishes essentially the same measurement as a noisy, vibrating tap density device, but it operates in an entirely different manner. It also can provide additional information.

To determine the T.A.P. density of a powdered or granular material, sample is placed into the sample chamber, and a plunger inserted into the chamber. The chamber and plunger are mounted on the analyzer. All you have to do then is simply start the analysis. During analysis, the sample chamber is agitated and the plunger driven into the chamber until a preprogrammed consolidation (compression) force is achieved. The GeoPyc allows you to specify the degree of consolidation as either force (in Newtons) or pressure (in Newtons/cm2). The GeoPyc's sensitive force transducer and analog-to-digital converter ensure that the plunger exerts a reproducible and consistent force upon the sample, analysis after analysis. This repeatability of compression force yields precise instrument control over sample consolidation.

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