Validation And Quality Management Software Platform

Source: CAI
KNEAT project Ready

Kneat enables regulated companies to consolidate validation and quality management into a single end-to-end web-based software platform.

CAI’s Kneat: Project-Ready allows your company to utilize a validated Kneat instance to execute your projects without start-up and on-going maintenance. Project-Ready does the heavy lifting for you with pre-designed processes and templates.

Faster, Smarter Validation in under 2 weeks.

  • Commissioning and Validation Master and Project Plans with common section templates like Commissioning Safety, RACI Chart, Project Change Management (7 total)
  • Project Change Management Log and Form
  • User Requirements Specification
  • Process and System Risk Assessment
  • Design Review Report
  • Verification Protocol with common templates for
    • Installation Verification like Receipt Verification, Drawing and P&ID Walkdown Verification, Control System Input/Output Verification (17 Total)
    • Operational Verification like Backup and Restore of Control System Verification, HEPA Filter Testing Verification, Water System Distribution Verification (13 Total)
    • Ability to integrate vendor testing performed in FAT, SAT and/or Vendor Protocols
  • Issues and Retest Forms
  • Project Summary Report