Vapor Hydrogen Peroxide Decontamination Chambers

Source: Fedegari Group


One of the most critical processes in a sterile production is the transfer of heat-sensitive materials in a cleanroom , Fedegari has introduced FCDV , units of bio- chemical decontamination for surfaces "cold" : it is a pass-box designed to allow materials not autoclavable access to a sterile environment.

The system ensures : speed decontamination process with 6 log reduction of microbial load , cycle of ambient temperature , barometric pressure of the room, forced ventilation , no toxic residues (water and oxygen ), good compatibility with the materials.

Fedegari has improved the technology with the introduction of a room in recirculation , in order to better homogenize the mixture of air in the load / biocides and reduce the time of contact. The normal duration of the cycle of a standard generator VHP is on average 2-3 hours . The system ensures a cycle from 45 minutes depending on the porosity of the treated materials.