News | May 14, 2007

VelQuest Corporation Partners With Symyx Technologies To Integrate R&D And GMP Electronic Notebook Solutions For Major Pharmaceutical Company

VelQuest Corporation announced today the joint development with Symyx Technologies, Inc. of a seamless electronic notebook software platform for a major multinational pharmaceutical customer. The platform will enable the creation and sharing of electronic documents across pharmaceutical research, analytical development and manufacturing quality control operations. The chief driver for the joint development project is the need for a comprehensive IT architecture to eliminate the paper-based intellectual property and compliance documentation processes currently used in drug development and production.

The integration of the Symyx Software electronic lab notebook (ELN) applications for research and development functions with VelQuest's GMP Electronic Notebook System for quality control and assurance yields a powerful solution that spans several critical functions and helps reduce the cost of implementation and overall total cost of ownership.

"In the past, new drug development and production processes have been divided in terms of their data management infrastructures," said Bill Buote, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of VelQuest Corporation. "Today, innovative pharmaceutical companies are seeking to find ways to reduce costs and improve productivity by eliminating non-value added tasks across the entire operation. A significant cost and efficiency problem is the use of paper notebooks to capture and catalog experiments in R&D and final product quality control testing in production. Through this joint development effort, a seamless electronic data management platform will automate the intellectual property documentation and peer knowledge sharing in research and analytical R&D while automating the method transfer, validation and lab execution of final product test methods for quality control and quality assurance. The scope of the project includes instrument integration and LIMS/ERP interfacing."

Symyx's Electronic Laboratory Notebook software (ELNs) enables researchers in any scientific or engineering discipline to document and share research or analytical experimentation results electronically. Symyx ELNs feature application-specific interfaces tailored to meet the needs and protocols of chemists in discovery, process, analytical, formulations and bioprocess functions. Symyx ELN software is designed to help chemists be more efficient and effective in their research by enabling the use of prior experience, development of new methods, access to relevant information and integration with critical systems. Scientists using the Symyx ELNs attribute an average increase of 20% in personal productivity.

VelQuest's SmartLab GMP ELN is an automated compliance system that provides an interoperable data management platform for integration of all existing IT technologies used in the QC/QA lab, including all lab instruments, chromatography data systems, LIMS, and document management systems. Additionally, method data records can be accessed by QA reviewers in a data pivot table to streamline method/process investigations and audits. Analysts using the VelQuest ELN attribute an average increase of 20% in productivity and a 50% reduction in data review cycle times. Web briefings on this innovative integration of the Symyx Software ELN and the SmartLab GMP Electronic Notebook System will become available in summer 2007. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us at

About VelQuest Corporation
Founded in January, 1999, VelQuest Corporation provides a suite of configurable off-the-shelf software products to help transition regulated industries from labor-intensive, paper-based operations to automated, efficient systems with greater confidence in compliance than ever before possible.

The SmartLab solution uses VelQuest's commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS) core that is an innovative "method-centric" software automation platform designed to provide the foundation for compliance-based activities in the life science markets. The software embraces the FDA's "cGMPs for the 21st Century: A Risk Based Approach" initiative, and supports the company's SmartLab applications for a fully compliant electronic laboratory, including instrument integration and LIMS/ERP interoperability; SmartShell 21 CFR Part 11 instrument and application remediation software; and SmartBatch electronic batch record system. For more information, visit