Veripac 410 Blister Leak Tester

Source: PTI Packaging and Inspection Systems
Veripac 410 Blister Leak Tester

The VeriPac 410 utilizes a combination of vacuum decay technology and differential force measurement to identify defective packages. Multiple packages can be tested in a single test cycle, and the 410 identifies which package or cavity is defective. 

Package quality assurance is achieved by deploying accurate, reliable non-destructive inspection methods, removing subjectivity from the testing process while reducing waste. The VeriPac 410 allows tested product to be returned to the production line and eliminates the significant costs and waste associated with destructive leak test methods.


  • Non-destructive, non-invasive, no sample preparation
  • Accurate and repeatable results
  • Tool-less blister testing– no change parts required for different format blisters
  • Test multiple packages in a single test cycle
  • Identifies which package is defective
  • Simplifies the inspection and validation process
  • Supports sustainable packaging initiatives
  • ASTM test method and FDA standard
  • Cost effective with rapid return on investment