News | January 31, 2024

VersaMix Multi-Shaft Mixer Ideal For Viscous Formulations

ROSS January 2024 - News Release - VersaMix VMC-100

Hauppauge, NY — Capable of processing viscous solutions, dispersions, suspensions, and emulsions with viscosities in the hundreds of thousands of centipoise, the ROSS line of VersaMix Multi-Shaft Mixers is built for longevity, speed and efficiency. The ROSS VMC-100, pictured below, is designed for vacuum operation up to 29.5”Hg and supplied with interchangeable 100-gal mix cans, each fabricated with a 50-psig ASME-code stamped jacket for heating/cooling via glycol. The custom electro-hydraulic system is engineered to fully raise the motor drive in 15 seconds.

The VMC-100 features three independently driven agitators. A Three-Wing Anchor Agitator equipped with optional hinged sidewall and bottom Teflon scrapers to improve heat transfer across the jacketed vessel. The High Shear Mixer is capable of introducing powders sub-surface while the batch is low in viscosity. Through the ROSS Solids Liquid Injection Manifold (SLIM) Technology, raw material additions are less dusty and lumps or fish eyes are avoided. The 8” diameter High Speed Disperser continues to apply shear as the batch increases in viscosity.

Optional features such as a cover-mounted thermowell; built-in vacuum pump; pneumatic vacuum make/break valves; and touchscreen controls with recipe management system (10 recipes using 10 steps based on speed, time, temperature, and vacuum level) allow operators to seamlessly record and replicate multiple formulations in the VMC-100.

Source: Charles Ross and Son Company

Charles Ross and Son Company