Vibrating Level Switch

Source: VEGA Grieshaber KG
The tuning fork is a universal measuring principle for the detection of liquids.
The tuning fork is a universal measuring principle for the detection of liquids. These vibrating level switches are virtually unaffected by the product characteristics. Overfill protection and dry running protection for pumps according to WHG are typical applications.

Now it is possible to use tuning forks in applications where other techniques has to be offered due to considerations of size and operating conditions. A new generation of vibrating level switches extends the field of applications considerably.

VegaSwing 60 has a tuning fork of only 40 mm and is suitable for pipelines of DN 40 (1½ in.) and above. The vibrating level switch is available with threaded connections from ¾ in. and flanges from DN 25 (1 in.).

The unit is the first vibrating level switch which exceeds the present temperature limit of 150°C. This is due to an improved piezo technique and mechanically fixed drive. Operating temperatures up to 200°C can be achieved and this is not limited for a temperature shock. The operating pressure can be up to 63 bar.

The unit is available in various materials including 316L stainless steel, Hastelloy C4, ECTFE coated, and enamel coated. These options ensure reliable performance even in the most aggressive products. It is approved for Ex zone 0 (EEX ia or Eex dm) depending on the individual Ex concept.

A simple key press is all that is required for periodic testing according to AK3 (DIN V 19250) as part of an overfill protection according to WHG.

Five different sensor electronic options complete the new generation of instruments. These are relay, transistor output and non-contact switch as well as two-wire Ex (8mA/16mA) and Namur output.

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