Vision Robot Unit (VRU)


Vision Robot Unit: driving pharma innovation

The Vision Robot Unit (VRU) is a new generation inspection machine with world-class performance to position the pharma industry for future growth.

Developing the future

Vision Robot Unit is a robotic human-like inspection unit engineered to deliver optimized inspection performances – and ready to integrate Deep Learning models.

Start building your factory of the future with Vision Robot Unit (VRU)

The VRU innovation from Stevanato Group is a modular, robotic system for inspecting parenterals. It was created by employing artificial intelligence principles and applying the technology to the inspection task.

The VRU is a reliable, autonomous island machine, capable of fully automated inspection (cosmetic and particles) without human intervention.

The Concept

  • Island design
    • Modular plug and play concept at component and module level
  • Modularity
    • Freely configurable infeed and outfeed: from/to nest & tub, tray or bulk configurations
  • Scalability
    • Vision units can be added to increase final output


Main features

  • Automated inspection
  • Wide product range (vials, syringes, cartridges)
  • Inspection flexiblity: from liquids to suspensions and lyo
  • Modular plug and play concept
  • Robots enable the performance of operations that would not be feasible with a standard machine for an optimized inspection process