Walk-In Pharmaceutical Stability Chamber

Source: Daiichi Jitsugyo (America), Inc.
Walk-In Pharmaceutical Stability Chamber

Thermolab Scientific Chambers are designed for the high requirements of stability studies and climatic tests. With stability rooms specifically developed to meet FDA/ICH stability requirements, generating control and uniformity of both temperature and humidity. 

  • Pre-fabricated doubled walled modular panels with PUF insulation
  • Inside Stainless Steel and Outside GI pre coated or Stainless Steel
  • Floor panels having extra reinforcement to sustain the movement and sample load inside the chamber
  • Interior illumination for working area
  • Multi pane vacuum sealed observation glass window
  • Heavy-duty door hinges and latches to maintain a secure and uniform seal
  • Racks & trays made up of Stainless Steel with adjustable height
  • 65 mm Port Hole with rubber seal to insert sensors for validation purpose. Interior illumination for working area
  • Interior illumination for working area
  • U shaped S.S. Nichrome wire air heaters
  • Humidity system with evaporation tray and reservoir tank with water level arrangement
  • Compressor with CFC Free R 134 A / R 404 (Eco Friendly) refrigerant having state of art by-pass system for continuous run of compressor
  • Plc control system with touch screen display coloured screen – 5.7” HMI with Ethernet
  • Web based online monitoring
  • Complete with IQ, OQ, PQ, Documents, Operations and Maintenance manuals
  • Works on 440V AC single phase 50Hz
  • Hydronic refrigeration system by chilled water circulation
    • Compressor is in off mode more than 50% of the time, saving electrical consumption, heat dissipation in the room and increasing the life of the compressor
    • Saves 50% of the electrical consumption
    • System is compact and avoids piping on site as it is factory fitted ready to install, which reduces installation time
    • Weather proof unit (which can be placed indoors as well as outdoors)
    • Recovery of cost within 2 years
  • Smart air distribution system
    • A separate supply and return duct for ensuring uniformity of set conditions
  • Efficient water management system
    • Built-in water recirculation system which saves 95% of water consumption
    • Reduction in water cost
  • Safety & Alarms
    • Safety controller sensor to cut off the supply in case of overshoot and undershoot of Temperature and Humidity giving audio visual alarm
    • Low water level alarms
    • Door opening alarms
    • Emergency bell switch provided inside the chamber
    • Special door lock provided to open the door from inside
    • All the alarms are events are logged in the software