Source: Fedegari Group

FOWS is not just a dual machine but an innovative multipurpose, flexible system capable of operating in different modes and offering a cost-effective solution where both cleaning and/or sterilization processes are needed. It is capable of washing, decontaminating, sterilizing and drying various types of loads in one single process or even just single sub-processes as no traditional machine can ever do.

FOWS brings in fact features and performances typical of a steam sterilizer into a jet washer. It uses steam for improving washing/degreasing performances and vacuum for drying thus being a more environmental friendly machine with lower energy consumption than any traditional alternative.

Washing and sterilization of:
· All types of containers
· Animal cages
· Machine parts (also some pumps outside the machine)
· Flexible hoses
· Glassware
· Assorted components

Sterilization of:
· Everything (solids & liquids) that is typically processed with a steam sterilizer

Chemical decontamination of:
· Temperature sensitive goods (pass-through function)