Article | December 20, 2018

What Lies Ahead In 2019? Continued Change For The Cold Chain

Source: Pelican BioThermal

By Kevin Lawler

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The cold chain for life sciences continues to undergo seismic change. In 2018, we saw an ongoing shift in the approach pharmaceutical manufacturers take to putting life-saving drugs in the hands of clinicians and patients. In turn, many logistics companies had to adjust their approach to shipping to ensure the cold chain continued to meet the demands of customers’ evolving needs.

The pressures are unmistakable. Healthcare consumers continued to drive significant change as they put mounting pressure on pharmaceutical companies to reduce drug costs — at a time when the industry faces internal pressure to lower its own costs to drive profits. Looking ahead, we see this past year and the recent years leading up to it as a harbinger of things to come. The following four predictions are what we anticipate will continue to drive change in 2019.