White Paper

Why Are My Freeze Dry Flasks Breaking? 4 Pre-Freezing Tips

Source: Labconco Corporation

By Jenny Sprung, Product Manager

After 15 years of telling customers not to fill their freeze dry flasks to the rim, and not to place their freeze dry flask straight up and down in the freezer, and not to put the lids on their freeze dry flasks during pre-freezing, guess what I did?  

I made the southern favorite of chicken and dumplings and decided to keep the chicken broth for future use. I took out two recycled glass spaghetti sauce jars and filled them to the rim with broth, then proceeded to place them upright in my ultra-cold freeze with the lids on them. I'm sure you can guess what happened next. Later when my lovely organic chicken broth was defrosting, I heard a crack. When I looked to see what was going on, my jar had lovely cracks in it, and sticky chicken broth was running down my cabinets. I guess I learned my lesson to practice what I preach. 

FYI, we ended up having cereal for dinner that night, Lucky Charms and Merlot is not a good combo if you're wondering. I wish I would have thought of this advice before my dinner fiasco.