Article | October 6, 2016

Why Connect An Auto-Injector To A Smartphone?

Source: West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.

By Katrina Firlik, MD, Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder, HealthPrize Technologies

No patient enjoys injecting themselves in order to monitor their blood sugar levels, so many drug delivery device manufacturers are continuously looking for the best forms of injection to make it easier for the patient. In light of the Internet of Things movement, the West-HealthPrize collaboration can now connect an auto-injector to software on a smartphone. But why would a patient want to connect their auto-injector to the Internet? This paper presents numerous benefits for a connected auto-injector including a redeemable point system, strengthened motivation, and immediate data collection and comparison. For more benefits on connected auto-injectors, download the full article.

West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.