Article | May 11, 2017

Why Pallet Scales Are Essential In The Pharmaceutical Industry

Why Pallet Scales Are Essential In The Pharmaceutical Industry

The global pharmaceutical market is worth US$300 billion a year according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), and this figure is expected to rise to US$400 billion within three years.

It’s not only a growing market, but also a highly competitive one and companies are continually looking for ways to cut costs, improve productivity and boost profitability.  Their manufacturing processes are under continuous scrutiny and process optimisation is a key focus area.

The choice of equipment in pharmaceutical plants can have a material effect on the way their businesses operate and inefficient and outdated equipment can stifle productivity and growth. 

Companies that want to remain competitive need to regularly evaluate their systems to ensure they’re fit for purpose, and it can be a key advantage to engage with a specialist equipment supplier which has a high level of technological expertise and experience-based knowledge of the industry.

Let’s look at the example of pallet scales to illustrate how important the choice of equipment is in this highly competitive industry.

Pallet scales (also sometimes referred to as floor scales) are used for weighing palletised freight and are manufactured in a range of capacities and platform sizes.  These are available in many designs and provide critical weighing information for operational as well as legislative purposes. 

Precise weight measurements are imperative throughout the manufacturing process in order to minimise the chances of lost product, downtime due to inaccuracies and re-checking of data and compromised processing.  Pallet scales which weigh trolleys, vats and other heavy containers of product (both as incoming and outgoing shipments) provide fast, accurate and consistent weight information which is essential for process optimisation. 

The quality of equipment is also a consideration in this competitive industry.   Inferior pallet scales which may be painted or folded and which don’t have rigid basework construction may need repairing or replacing prematurely, which will cost the manufacturer money and time.  If pallet scales are purchased from a reputable manufacturer however, they will perform optimally over the long-term.

Whilst the highest levels of accuracy, reliability, speed and functionality are necessary when it comes to weighing equipment in the pharmaceutical industry, impeccable levels of cleanliness and hygiene are also required.  Technological advances have enabled many types of pallet scales and other weighing equipment to be constructed in such a way that they are hermetically sealed and able to be washed-down completely - which is extremely important in the hygiene-sensitive pharmaceutical sector.

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