Workforce Scheduler™: Employee Scheduling Software

Source: Kronos Inc.

Workforce Scheduler™ is an automated labor scheduling solution that lets managers accurately create schedules that align labor with anticipated demand while adhering to all company and regulatory scheduling policies consistently. 

Employee scheduling has a direct impact on your organization’s bottom line. Not enough people working? Productivity, morale, and profits suffer. Too many people working? Employees are standing around on your dime. The wrong people working? Your risk of employee grievances, labor law violations, and quality issues soars.

Scheduling a multifaceted workforce can be time-consuming, error-prone, and just plain frustrating. And even with the best efforts, mistakes are still made which lower productivity, increase costs, and put you at risk of litigation and fines.

Kronos® Workforce Scheduler™ is an automated labor scheduling solution that gives managers the tools and information they need to plan accurately and execute intelligently. In minutes, managers can create “best-fit” schedules that align labor with anticipated demand while complying with regulatory, union, and company policies. And because even the best-planned schedules require on-the-fly adjustments, our proven scheduling software lets managers react to changes swiftly and decisively using real-time data. Workforce Scheduler takes the guesswork out of scheduling to help your organization control labor costs, improve workforce productivity, and minimize compliance risk for bottom-line results.

Workforce Scheduler™ can help you:

  • Control labor costs by reducing overstaffing at the same time you minimize administrative costs
  • Minimize compliance risk because all your scheduling-related rules and policies are applied consistently with automated enforcement
  • Improve workforce productivity with a workforce aligned with customer demand to reduce understaffing

Workforce Scheduler™ leaves the guesswork at the door and allows you to control labor utilization with these innovative features:

  • Optimized Schedule Generation: Sophisticated optimization algorithms automatically converge on the best fit schedule that meets the needs of your business, as well as your employees.
  • Call List: The call list discovers and lists the most appropriate employees available to fill an open shift based on company policies and employee preferences. Managers can call employees individually or send a text message to employee mobile devices with a click of a button.
  • Mobile Scheduling: Workforce Scheduler sends a voice or text message to your workforce informing them that a shift is available. When the responses come in, the system assigns the shift to the employee who met configurable requirements, like the most senior employee who accepted the shift.
  • Workload Generator: You can't create a schedule in the dark, so this handy feature sheds some light on your impending workload for multiple jobs that will help you meet demand based on your business drivers.
  • Assignment Transfer: This features helps you perfect the delicate scheduling balancing act by finding employees in areas of overcoverage and suggesting transfers to areas of undercoverage.
  • Employee Self-Service: Our latest release includes employee self-service that's easier than ever. Now employees can see everything they need on a single screen when planning a schedule change.  

Workforce Scheduler is part of the integrated Kronos Workforce Central® suite, which also includes Workforce Timekeeper™, the industry-leading time and attendance solution. By using Workforce Timekeeper and Workforce Scheduler together, your organization can leverage integrated labor data to create optimized schedules and make real-time staffing decisions. Integration of timekeeping (an HR function) with scheduling (an operations function) can help drive better overall staffing decisions that improve your bottom line.