Workforce TimeKeeper™ Management Software

Source: Kronos Inc.

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Kronos Workforce Timekeeper is the next generation timekeeping system that lets you see, plan, and manage employees time and attendance data for bottom-line results.

Labor is your organization’s most valuable asset and its most controllable expense. Having a time clock solution that simply tracks employee punches is only the first step, not the final destination, for reducing payroll inflation and manual errors. Kronos® Workforce Timekeeper™ enables you to identify, manage, and control employee time and attendance data for bottom-line results by allowing you to:

  • Control labor costs with a consistent application of work and pay rules
  • Minimize compliance risk by enforcing and tracking complex compliance requirements, such as FLSA and union rules
  • Improve workforce productivity by reducing manual and timely administrative tasks and freeing your staff for more value-added activities.

Workforce Timekeeper consistently applies work and pay rules to reduce payroll inflation, errors, and overtime. This intuitive, easy-to-own solution completely automates timekeeping processes to help you control labor costs, manage compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity.


  • Reduce payroll inflation, errors, and overtime to control labor costs
  • Centrally enforce labor laws and union rules for improved compliance
  • Automate time-consuming administrative tasks to increase staff productivity
  • Gain real-time visibility into timekeeping data for better decision making
  • Increase employee satisfaction and user adoption rates

Workforce Timekeeper makes it easier to reduce payroll and labor errors and improve labor tracking and control with these simple-to-use features:

  • Configurable Rules Engine: Right out of the box, our solution kicks in with complete automation and enforcement of complex work and pay rules. It's the driving force to avoid wasteful payroll costs associated with errors and inflation.
  • Proactive Email Alerts: Consider these as real-time red flags that notify managers of information that need immediate action, like when an employee doesn't punch in. Alerts allow managers to manage by exception and keep things from falling through the cracks.
  • Accurate Time Records: Audit. Five letters that spell instant panic. Worry no more. Our centralized policy management helps accurately and consistently enforce complex, compliance requirements like FLSA and backs it up with a complete audit trail.
  • On-Demand Reports: Overtime means big-time cost. Our reporting capabilities let you monitor employee time. How? By transforming granular time and attendance data into high-quality information that helps managers make fast decisions that could effect payroll, like adjust staffing levels — and that's just one example.
  • New Features: New features in our timekeeping products reduce their technical footprint and make administration easier than ever — minimizing your total cost of ownership.

Workforce Timekeeper is an integral component of the Kronos Workforce Central® suite, a total workforce management solution that also addresses scheduling, absence management, HR/payroll, hiring, and labor analytics.