Xcellerex™ X-Platform Bioreactors

Source: Cytiva

High performance, reliability, and flexibility define this next-generation single-use system.

We designed Xcellerex™ X-platform bioreactors to meet your process needs today and in the future. Whether in pilot or cGMP facilities, the modular and application-based approach improves cell culture productivity.

  • User-friendly features - Ease of use and flexibility were top of mind when we designed Xcellerex™ X-platform bioreactors.
  • Optimized vessel design - The design includes a full opening door, baffles, and novel cable management solutions. Placement of the drive unit is based on computational fluid dynamic modeling and broadens the power input range, improving predictable scalability.
  • Simplify with standardization - Four standard bag designs support security of supply and incorporate application-specific features and functions. These off-the-shelf bag designs come ready to use in your process, whether you’re running batch, fed-batch, or perfusion cell culture.
  • Scale successfully - Use our Bioreactor Scaler to determine the optimal target settings for Xcellerex™ X-platform bioreactors. Get it right the first time.
  • Adaptable automation - X-platform bioreactors run on Figurate™ automation powered by Rockwell Automation’s PlantPAx® distributed control system (DCS).
  • Equipment services - What’s your strategy for minimizing downtime? OptiRun™ Service Solutions offer a range of customizable options to optimize your Xcellerex™ X-platform equipment
  • Bioprocessing fluid management - Support your bioreactor operations with easy-to-connect single-use components. Robust mixing, easy handling, and convenient liquid storage help streamline your processes.