When you engage AbbVie Contract Manufacturing, you’re getting more than a CMO. You fully access the capabilities of a highly experienced biopharmaceutical company. You know that your project will benefit from our broad range of capabilities and portfolio of state-of-the-art facilities in North America and Europe. Most of all, you know that your project will be reliably served by a business with a trusted reputation for innovation, reliability, compliance and delivery.

AbbVie Contract Manufacturing has over 40 years of experience as a pharmaceutical developer and manufacturer. We help domestic and global companies develop, scale, and commercially manufacture pharmaceutical products drawing on our extensive experience to accelerate time to market. Our services are comprised of:

Biologics | ADC | Potent | Drug Product | Fermentation | Hot Melt Extrusion | Sterile Fill/Finish | Pre-filled Syringe | APIs

As an embedded CMO, AbbVie Contract Manufacturing allows greater access to global manufacturing and a variety of scales and technologies. We handle your pharmaceutical products with the same dedication as our own and our partners realize the unique benefits of trusting a leading biopharmaceutical company with their contract manufacturing needs.

Above all, your project will benefit from a premier scientific team with the experience to meet complex challenges with demonstrative successful proven solutions.

As a multi-year recipient of Life Science Leader annual CMO leadership award for quality, innovation, productivity and reliability, AbbVie is ready to bring our experience to your business.


AbbVie has a 125-year history of patient care, as well as a focus on developing advanced therapies to address some of the world’s most complex disease states.

AbbVie’s expanded focus on biologics and targeted medicine allows us to use our knowledge and expertise to address difficult conditions that affect significant patient populations. Our priority is our patients, helping them lead healthier lives.

Founded on January 1 of 2013, AbbVie is a renowned biopharmaceutical company that began as part of the pharmaceutical leader, Abbott, which was founded in 1888 by Dr. Wallace Abbott to provide better care for patients.

At AbbVie, we have the expertise of a proven pharmaceutical leader and the focus and passion of an entrepreneur and innovator. The result is something rare in health care today — a global biopharmaceutical company that has the ability to discover and advance innovative therapies while meeting the health needs of people and societies around the globe.


Ten state-of-the-art commercial manufacturing facilities in North America and Europe. AbbVie Contract Manufacturing offers a wide range of global contract manufacturing capabilities.

Whether you’re developing a new chemical entity or a first-to-market generic, precise dosing and drug delivery is vital for success. Regulatory agencies and clinicians want to see well-characterized, reliable doses with good bioavailability. Patients/consumers often favor a controlled release dosage form, with easy-to-use packaging and taste-free consumption. Drug developers increasingly need to deliver on all these fronts and more, without compromising speed-to-market, in order to manage a successful pharmaceutical program. Direct benefits of pharmaceutical outsourcing and contract manufacturing allows developers to access both state-of-the-art technology and accelerate your time to market.

High potency manufacturing is an expanding field with a unique set of challenges. Safety remains a primary concern for those handling cytotoxic drug products, as well as the clinicians and patients down the line. Beyond safety, pharmaceutical companies need to plan ahead for how they will manufacture high potency drugs at scale, distributing the end-products worldwide with secure supply chains in place.

Hot melt extrusion (HME) is a proven technology for bioavailability enhancement of poorly soluble API's. Unlike other formulation options, hot melt extrusion technology is solvent-free. By drawing on continuous processing, hot melt extrusion is more economical and can be used for abuse deference and taste masking applications. This can ultimately deliver a higher quality, more marketable pharmaceutical product — in line with your commercialization strategy.

The active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) is the foundation of a final drug product, and a key consideration as you consider contract manufacturing.11



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