Pharmaceutical and Bio-pharmaceutical Solutions from Anton Paar

Anton Paar manufactures analytical instrumentation for research and development and quality control for pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical industries.

Anton Paar offers a wide range of measurement solutions for small molecule pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals.

Measurement Solutions for Small Molecules Pharmaceuticals:

  • Size and size distribution by laser diffraction
  • Surface area and pore size analysis by BET and physisorption
  • Bulk and tap density analysis
  • Flow and shear behavior of powders by rheological analysis
  • Microwave digestion for elemental impurities analysis
  • Formulation characterization by viscosity, rheology, density, refractive index, optical rotation and oxidation stability

Measurement Solutions for Bio-Pharmaceuticals:

  • Protein size and size distribution by dynamic light scattering
  • Protein stability and aggregation by Zeta potential analysis
  • Protein shape and orientation by small angle X-ray scattering
  • Formulation characterization by viscosity, rheology, density, refractive index and optical rotation

Products offered by Anton Paar:

Density meters, polarimeters, refractometers, viscosimeters, rheometesr, oximeters, penetrometers, adsorption analyzers, porometers, raman spectrometers, solid density analyzers, powder rheometers, surface charge and Zeta potential analyzers, microwaves, ultra-precise thermometers, particle size and size distribution analyzers, small angle X-ray scattering analyzers

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Anton Paar’s PSA series incorporates fifty years of experience. The world's first laser diffraction particle size analyzer – the first-ever PSA – was invented in 1967. The three models PSA 990, PSA 1090, and PSA 1190 are designed to measure a wide range of particle sizes in liquid dispersions or dry powders.

The MCP polarimeter series combines state-of-the-art technology, modern design, and high usability. Customer-specific configurations, like multiple wavelengths, provide the widest range of options to keep the polarimeter fit for the future.

The MCR rheometer series is the result of continuous development and based on decades of experience in rheology and rheometry. The combination of innovative and thousandfold field-proven technology with the robust design represents the benchmark in its class. Anton Paar rheometers are built for everyday use in the lab and are the key to all possible kinds of rheological investigations and material characterization. The application field of the renowned MCR series ranges from quality control to high-end research and development tasks.

Solutions from the market leader in density measurement. Count on solutions from the source – Anton Paar has always been at the forefront of innovation in laboratory density and concentration measurement ever since we introduced the world’s first digital density meter.

Lovis 2000 M/ME is a rolling-ball viscometer which measures the rolling time of a ball through transparent and opaque liquids based on Hoeppler's falling ball principle. The instrument is mainly used for viscosity measurements of low viscous liquids for R&D applications, in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. A measurement with Lovis 2000 M/ME can yield dynamic viscosity, intrinsic viscosity, molar mass of a polymer and more.

Measure the refractive index and concentration of liquids, gels and solids using laboratory refractometers from Anton Paar – the universally applicable and user-friendly Abbemat series. Simply take your pick depending on the accuracy, temperature range and level of automation you require - you can be sure to find a digital refractometer model to suit your application and budget.

Multiwave 7000 combines the well-known concept of Anton Paar’s HPA-S with modern, well-engineered microwave technology, representing a new level of microwave digestion. With the novel pressurized digestion cavity (PDC) temperatures up to 300 °C and pressures up to 199 bar can be achieved. This ensures complete digestions of all kinds of samples such as food, environmental, polymer, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, geological, chemical, and petrochemical samples. Outstanding features save valuable time and reduce running costs. Budget-friendly, different sizes of vials with plug-on caps and racks of up to 28 positions are available. Integrated water cooling minimizes the cooling times and maximizes the sample throughput.

SurPASS™ 3 is a high-end electrokinetic analyzer featuring fully automated zeta potential analysis of macroscopic solids in real-life conditions. SurPASS™ 3 employs the classic streaming potential and streaming current method for a direct analysis of the surface zeta potential. The zeta potential is related to the surface charge at a solid/liquid interface and is a key parameter for understanding surface properties and developing new specialized materials. Automatic pH scans and time-dependent recording of adsorption kinetics allow for a deep understanding of the surface chemistry.

The Litesizer 500 is an instrument for characterizing nano- and microparticles in dispersions and solutions. It determines particle size, zeta potential, and molecular mass by measuring dynamic light scattering (DLS), electrophoretic light scattering (ELS), and static light scattering (SLS).

SAXSpoint 5.0 is the ultimate SAXS/WAXS/GISAXS/RheoSAXS laboratory beamline with synchrotron detector technology for the highest resolution in a compact system. Benefit from Anton Paar’s brilliant SAXS system resolving nanostructures up to 620 nm. SAXSpoint 5.0 enables the utmost flexibility for analysis of almost any material under ambient and non-ambient conditions. Many additional optional features make SAXSpoint 5.0 ready for future applications up to the micrometer range (USAXS). Enjoy easy access to non-destructive investigations of materials’ properties via powerful software packages which enable automatic operation and data analysis.

Developed for a wide range of applications, ViscoQC 300 ensures the quality of your substance – from almost any fluid to semi-solid samples – by delivering fully traceable viscosity results with a Peltier device for the most precise sample temperature control – right at your fingertips. Starting from a multi-point viscosity measurement for your respective purpose, your system is upgradeable with compliance (21 CFR Part 11) and/or additional analysis software to meet your future needs. Further improve your process with the optional sample bar code scanner and data processing via LIMS Bridge software.

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