Using the latest in AR and cloud technology, Apprentice’s MES is built for manufacturing of the future. Its cloud-based architecture enables continuous production, while no-code integrations power equipment and system automation. Flexible features and parameterized templates adapt your process to batches of all sizes, complexity, and customization. Give your operators the power and precision to execute better with AR, AI, and voice recognition in a full suite of wearable, mobile, and desktop devices.

With $207M in funding, a 3.4x growth YoY rate, and 218% net customer retention, Apprentice is a trusted partner to modernize your operations and change the way drugs are made in your facility. Learn how leading companies like Synthego, and Bristol Myers Squibb are using Apprentice to scale from drug discovery to patient delivery faster at https://www.apprentice.io/.


Connect your entire operations across internal and external sites

Product Lifecycle Data

Consolidate data for each stage of a drug’s lifecycle in one place.

  • Expedite compliance by centralizing product lifecycle data for each stage
  • Shorten the time between one stage to the next
  • Streamline tech transfer and accelerate to commercial rollout

Enterprise Recipe Management

Optimize enterprise recipe management  across environments and sites.

  • Create and manage a core set of enterprise-wide templates
  • Get access to customizable resources for every stage
  • Easily assign your templates and resources to individual sites and teams

External Manufacturing Collaboration

Ditch email and calls for automated communications.

  • Grant direct view-only access and batch review options as needed
  • Provide customers with a self-service approach to their sponsored batches
  • Make real-time, data-driven decisions

Tech Transfer

Quickly and easily move all your master resources and data.

  • Securely store batch templates, procedures, materials and equipment classes
  • Easily share process knowledge and data through transferable global recipes
  • Shift a product ad-hoc from one team to another

Monitor in real-time to troubleshoot issues before they stop production
With one-page dashboards for batch and procedure execution, you have visibility into real-time execution to identify and prevent deviations before they happen.

Build batches that scale easily scale your batches up or down according to size, complexity, or customization.

Easily track and manage resources. Modernize and simplify resource management, so inputs are ready when you need them across all locations.

Despite incredible therapeutic innovations, the process for manufacturing them is stuck in the past. Apprentice helps life science manufacturers make the transition to a new way of operating with a flexible, cloud-based manufacturing execution system.

Connect with colleagues on-the-go
With video conferencing that’s available on desktop, mobile, and headset devices, you can take your team with you wherever you go in your facility.

Pharma 4.0 is transforming the way life science teams work, interact with their environments, share data and execute processes with the end goal of increasing speed to market. The internet brought us to Industry 3.0, while Industry 4.0 introduces the idea of converging people, systems and data within one network.

Get from kickoff to first batch-run in days, not months.

Accelerate process design without any code
Put power in the hands of your team. With intuitive, no-code procedure and recipe authoring designed for process scientists and process engineers, your teams can configure Tempo without code.

Create rich digital work instructions for better test method execution.

Wearable Glass Devices
Wearable devices, or smart glasses, refer to a device that contains a computer screen or display in front of a person´s eyes that uses augmented reality or mixed reality to present data. Graphics or text are overlaid onto a user’s existing environment so that they can complete a task or engage in a new contextualized experience. As a result, users can continue to operate within his or her environment without distractions or obstruction when the digital content is not needed.

Conferencing tools that bridge language barriers.

Connect with colleagues on-the-go
With video conferencing that’s available on desktop, mobile, and headset devices, you can take your team with you wherever you go in your facility.



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