CAMO Software: Bringing data to life with in multivariate data analysis

CAMO Software, makers of The Unscrambler® X software, is a pioneer in multivariate data analysis (MVA) solutions. Over 3,000 world-leading organizations in the life sciences, energy, resources, chemicals, agriculture, research and manufacturing sectors use The Unscrambler® X software range for applications such as product development, process and quality control. CAMO Software is headquartered in Oslo with offices around the world.

CAMO Software products and services:

The Unscrambler® X: All-in-one Multivariate Data Analysis and Design of Experiments software

  • Powerful and user friendly multivariate analysis methods
  • Extensive and intuitive Design of Experiments tools
  • Easy data importing options and insightful visualization

Who should use The Unscrambler® X

  • The Unscrambler® X can be used in almost any industry and with a wide range of data types. It is particularly useful for:
    • Researchers or data analysts with large or complex data sets that need to better understand and get deeper insights from their data
    • Scientists working in process analysis, chemometrics, spectroscopy, metabolomics or sensometrics etc
    • Lecturers wanting to introduce MVA to their syllabus with an easy-to-learn, user-friendly package

Applications of The Unscrambler® X

  • We help clients develop, manufacture and market products faster and more cost effectively. The Unscrambler® X can be used for:
    • R & D, Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality Control
    • Data mining and analysis of customer, product or transaction data
    • Predictive modeling in a wide range of industries

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Unscrambler® X Process Pulse

Unscrambler® X Process Pulse II improves process monitoring, understanding and control. It enables powerful multivariate models developed with The Unscrambler® X to be used to monitor at-line, on-line and in-line processes. Unscrambler® X Process Pulse II has been developed with the goal of delivering a solution for advanced process monitoring and control, while at the same time being user-friendly. With a non-complex set up procedure, the software supports configurable dashboards, intuitive plots, and alarms to alert potential issues.

Designed to work with small and mid-size processes, Unscrambler® X Process Pulse II can also be scaled up and connected seamlessly into existing control systems. It allows the user to:

  • Identify potentially harmful drifts in a process as it is running, in order to correct issues before they become problems
  • Flexibility to be used with a wide range of data types
  • Run as a stand-alone application or integrate into existing control systems

The Unscrambler® X Process Pulse is:

  • Easy to set up and use for process operators
  • Powerful, with multivariate predictions, classifications and outlier diagnostics
  • Affordable

Business benefits of the Unscrambler® X Process Pulse

  • Reduce process-related costs including energy, raw material, waste and scrap
  • Avoid costly process delays by detecting outliers and drifts in the process and correct for them
  • Improved overall equipment efficiencies (OEE)
  • Improved quality control and less need for destructive and time-consuming end-product testing
  • Faster time to market and tech transfer or site-to-site transfer

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Other CAMO Software products and services:

 Analytical Engines & Hierarchical Modeling

Our Prediction and Classification Engines can be integrated into spectrometers and other scientific instruments to give them powerful multivariate analytical capabilities. They offer the outstanding graphics and predictive modeling capabilities of The Unscrambler® X, directly from the instrument.


Our consultants offer deep scientific and data analysis expertise combined with senior experience from industry. They can advise on a wide range of data analysis issues as well as providing guidance on the right technology/instrument for your specific requirements.


Our experienced trainers can help you use multivariate analysis to get more value from your data. Classroom, online or tailored in-house training courses from beginner to expert levels available.


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