Evonik Health Care partners with the world’s pharmaceutical companies to transform complexity into value.

Our core competencies allow us to specialize where you need us most, ensuring access to the right people, products, and capabilities to streamline your path to market and improve commercial performance.

Evonik has served as a global development partner and solutions provider to the pharmaceutical industry for more than 60 years.  Our broad portfolio of products, technologies and services is leveraged by more than 1,000 life science customers worldwide, including more than 90% of the world’s top pharmaceutical companies, to support the development, scale-up and supply of their APIs, formulations and drug products.  With more than 50 core competencies that extend across chemistry, biotechnology and process engineering, as well as a global network of manufacturing sites and labs, we have the size, strength and versatility to address the specific needs of even the largest or most complex projects.  Discover how we can reduce risk, improve quality, accelerate time to market, optimize product performance and strengthen supply security.


Functional excipients for oral solid dosage forms and controlled release parenterals

  • EUDRAGIT® - functional polymers for oral drug delivery of drug products with immediate, delayed, controlled or many other complex release profiles
  • RESOMER® - portfolio of bioresorbable polymers for controlled and specific administration of parenteral drugs for durations of up to 18 months

A global CDMO leader for advanced drug delivery

Evonik has been one of the world's leading CDMOs for many decades, helping pharmaceutical and biotech companies to release the true value of their oral and parenteral drug products.

  • Modified release oral drug delivery formulation development including GI targeting
  • Feasibility, pharmacokinetic, stability and other studies including analytical services
  • Advanced cGMP clinical manufacturing services for complex oral solid dosage forms
  • Complex parenteral drug delivery formulation development for systemic, targeted or localized delivery
  • Process development, cGMP drug manufacturing and aseptic filling of parenteral drugs
  • Polymer and lipid-based delivery technologies for injectables
  • Technologies for small molecules, HPAPIs, peptides, proteins, nucleic acids, synthetic vaccines, controlled substances and more
  • LIPEX® extruders for liposomal parenteral drug product manufacturing

Custom API and intermediates manufacturing

  • Winner of the Life Science Leader CMO Leadership Awards 2020
  • Western-centered manufacturing network
  • Supply APIs, HPAPIs and intermediates from grams up to the largest commercial volumes
  • Core competencies across chemistry, biotechnology and engineering
  • More than 1,400m³ of cGMP reactor volume across a network of FDA-inspected sites in the U.S., Europe and Asia
  • Process development and upscaling
  • Leader in amino acids and derivatives

A broad portfolio of advanced technologies to address the specific needs of large or complex projects

  • Continuous processing
  • Highly potent API
  • Microbial fermentation and strain development
  • PEGs and mPEGS
  • Carbohydrate Chemistry
  • Polymer API
  • Catalysis and Biocatalysis
  • Chiral Chemistry
  • Cryogenic Chemistry



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