Industry Standard Research – ISR Reports – is a full-service market research company operating exclusively in the pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical services industry. ISR’s syndicated and custom market research capabilities coupled with unparalleled industry expertise and experience, enables our customers to make smarter, more informed business decisions.

ISR’s syndicated reports are produced using direct feedback from decision-makers (primary market research) which enables us to provide data on topics that, until now, were only attainable through custom research. With rigorous screening criteria and methodologies that include surveys, in-depth phone interviews, and focus groups, ISR gathers actionable information that is immediately applicable to our customers.

While our syndicated reports cover a wide-range of topics within the industry, sometimes clients have specific questions that need answering or they are searching for a certain target. ISR designs dozens of proprietary custom market research projects for clients every year. These studies are often used to assess new products and services, gauge customer satisfaction, measure brand strength, or test marketing messages.

ISR knows the industry. We have presented at bid defenses, owned P&Ls, written proposals to RFPs, designed and implemented marketing strategies, and negotiated strategic partnerships. These experiences translate to our work products. ISR operates exclusively in the pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical services industry, our knowledge of the space is current and detailed.

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  • As clinical trials become increasingly complex, it is more important than ever to understand how to overcome patient recruitment challenges in order to accelerate timelines, lower costs, and improve the quality of clinical trial data.

  • This e-book examines the rationale behind how CROs are selected, why they are retained, and why sponsors opt for one provider or outsourcing model versus another.

  • Hybrid trials, in which patients participate from home for some visits/activities rather than in clinical settings, have undergone rapid evolution in the past few years. Examine this evolution, the reasons for confidence and concern, and how they may impact pharmaceutical development in the future.

  • It can be difficult to find industry specific, easy to interpret, trustworthy market data. Read the available eBook to discover free drug development and manufacturing facts, figures, and expert perspectives.


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