About Meissner

Meissner Filtration Media

Meissner offers filter media options for critical requirements through prefiltration applications. Filter configurations are available for upstream through downstream applications in laboratory, product development or full scale production.

Hydrophilic Membranes - STyLUX® PES, EverLUX® PES, SteriLUX® PVDF
Hydrophobic Membranes - Steridyne® PVDF, Chemdyne® polypropylene, Ultradyne® PTFE
Microfiber Media – ALpHA® PP microfiber, ALpHA® PBT microfiber, Protec® glass microfiber, Vangard® PP microfiber, DeltaMax® PP Depth, DeltaDepth® PP Depth

About Meissner

Meissner provides filtration and liquid handling solutions for biopharmaceutical manufacturing.  Whether your filtration needs are for final product sterilization, clarification, purification or general prefiltration, our Application Engineers are ready to help optimize your process.  Our One-Touch® single-use systems portfolio delivers optimized fluid handling and performance.  From biocontainers and rigid outer support and shipping containers to tubing and tubing assemblies, our products are standouts for their low extractables profile and security in providing integral fluid management for shipping and storage needs.



Meissner’s product portfolios are designed to scale seamlessly so that you don’t have to worry about material changes across our product lines for scale up or scale out. 

Comprehensive Qualification and Validation Support and Services

MTS (Meissner Technical Services) provides complete laboratory testing, application expertise, and validation services to support our products. Our experienced filtration and single-use engineers, microbiologists, and scientists are dedicated to providing our customers with superior filtration and liquid handling solutions.

Meissner is committed to creative solution development for each customer’s application. MTS will analyze and evaluate filter and single-use product selections to maximize system efficiency, economics and safety. MTS can assist customers through all phases of development, installation, scale-up, system optimization, validation and compliance.


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Meissner Filtration Products

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  • C-Flex® to M-Flex™ Weld Demonstration

    Meissner’s M-Flex™ thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) tubing is an immediately available solution for use in critical single-use assemblies.  M-Flex™ welds using the same C-Flex® 374 settings found on most industry standard welders.