Promega offers a range of custom manufacturing services, from simple changes in dispensed size to uniquely designed products specifically adapted for individual client needs. Each client works with a lead scientist and dedicated custom manufacturing team. Where needed, the team consults with subject matter experts to ensure that specifications are captured and the team is delivering the best product that addresses the client’s requirements. Flexibility is a key part of the relationship—products and processes can be adapted to meet the changing needs of every client.

With more than 450,000 square feet of manufacturing space, including cGMP facilities, Promega has invested in the development and maintenance of state-of-the-art, high-quality manufacturing facilities. These facilities include environmentally controlled spaces, separation of pre- and post-amplification processes, semi-automated filling, and automated packaging of ambient kits with 100% inspection of components and label content. The Promega manufacturing facility in Madison, Wis. maintains certification to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards, as well as ISO 18385, which focuses on minimizing the risks of human DNA contamination in products. Currently, 15 Promega facilities around the world are certified to ISO standards.

Built on over 40 years of serving the life sciences industry, Promega’s scientific expertise encompasses protein engineering, cell biology, bioluminescence, and nucleic acid purification and amplification. Despite the company’s rapid growth, it continues to maintain personal relationships with all its custom manufacturing clients. Based on feedback from current clients, that’s a small detail that can make a big difference when choosing a custom manufacturing partner.


With over 40 years of experience in protein expression and purification, we have the capabilities to manufacture recombinant proteins to meet your needs.

When evaluating a manufacturing partner, it is important to think beyond the product itself. Bottles/tubes, labeling and packaging are critical components of a complete custom solution. Promega has multiple custom packaging options to meet your needs, from bulk to private label to packaging designed to match your workflow. As part of our Custom process, Promega offers a personal service to ensure that our experts are accessible to support customers during project planning and implementation. Promega scientists provide technical consultation on custom product design to help you during the planning and manufacturing process.

Promega has developed an analytical core facility that supports product development, manufacturing and QC as well as external customers. This laboratory enables Promega and our customers to be at the leading edge of analytical technology and innovation, and provides a suite of analytical methodologies and assay development as part of our custom solutions.

Identifying novel biomarkers and translating their relevance from the bench to clinical samples can be challenging. Bridging exploratory studies to method development and the clinic requires a unique approach. Collaborating with Promega gives you access to scientists who have designed optimized amplification reagents and automated purifications for hundreds of labs, across a wide range of clinically relevant sample types.

The Promega Assay Development and Services team was established in 2009 to support complete custom solutions for biochemical and cell-based assays. Speed up your workflow with access to our latest technologies, R&D expertise and our commitment to high quality standards. We provide all the post-delivery support to ensure your assay works in your hands.

Promega has partnered with over 500 contract research organizations (CROs) globally to help them serve their clients better. CROs currently use Promega assays for early-stage drug discovery, bioanalytical testing, genomic analysis and many other applications.


Promega Corporation

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Phone: 608-274-4330

Contact: Arlene Silveira


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