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For more than 70 years Silverson has specialized in the manufacture of quality high shear mixers for processing and manufacturing industries worldwide.

With customers in over 150 countries, and serving industries as diverse as food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, luboils and petrochemicals, Silverson has become the world leader in the field of high shear mixing. Time after time, companies specify Silverson mixers as the “standard” equipment for their manufacturing process.

The key to this success is based on the professionalism and commitment Silverson shows to each of its customer’s needs. Whether supplying machines from its standard range of mixers or designing equipment specifically to meet an individual customer's requirements, quality is guaranteed.

With a customer base that includes many of the world’s largest companies, Silverson is constantly at the forefront of new technologies. Developing and applying new high shear mixing techniques to meet these needs, Silverson has the experience, knowledge and commitment to both quality and service to solve today’s mixing needs and those of the future.

A truly international company, Silverson is represented by a network of associated companies, distributors and agents in over 50 countries, serving North America, Europe, Asia, Australasia, South America and Africa.


The latest development in high shear lab mixing – the new Silverson L5M-A – is ideal for all laboratory work, research and development, QA analysis and small scale production in all industries.

Silverson's range of Sanitary mixers are 3A type and EHEDG Certified and designed to comply with FDA and cGMP requirements.

Silverson’s sanitary series of high shear Bottom Entry mixers are designed to fit into the bottom or side of a mixing vessel. These high shear mixers are typically used in conjunction with a slow speed anchor stirrer or scraper unit for high viscosity products.

Dispersing powders into liquids and creating a consistent homogeneous product, time after time, is one of the most difficult of all mixing applications. To satisfy this need Silverson has developed the Flashblend, a high shear system for rapid incorporation of a wide range of powders, including problematic gums and thickeners.

The Silverson Flashmix takes a revolutionary approach to powder/liquid mixing. Unlike many powder/liquid mixers, which use vacuum to pull in powders, the Flashmix literally forces powder into the liquid stream. This not only allows it to disperse and hydrate large volumes of powders, it means it can be used at higher temperatures and with higher viscosity mixes - offering the advantages of high shear mixing to a wide range of applications that were previously not possible.

Silverson Mixer Homogenizers are fast and efficient and are capable of producing a fine droplet or particle size, typically in the range of 2 – 5 microns. This degree of homogenization is suitable for the vast majority of products, such as creams and ointments, lotions, sauces and flavor emulsions.

Silverson’s High Viscosity (HV) In-Line Mixers offer exceptional flow rates and the ability to process higher viscosity products.

The Silverson Ultra Sanitary series of multipurpose In-Line mixers is able to perform the widest variety of applications - mixing, emulsifiying, homogenizing, disintegrating and dissolving, with an efficiency, flexibility and sanitary construction unmatched by other machines.

Silverson High Shear In-Line mixers are supremely efficient and rapid in operation and are capable of reducing mixing times by up to 90%. The action of any Silverson In-Line mixer can be modified with the use of rapidly interchangeable workheads. This enables any machine to mix, emulsify, homogenize, solubilize, suspend, disperse and disintegrate solids.

The Silverson Verso is a bench top In-Line mixer ideal for laboratory or pilot scale applications. The unit offers excellent reproducibility when scaling up and provides an accurate and easy means of forecasting the performance of larger In-Line mixers under full-scale working conditions.

The Silverson Ultramix is designed for applications that are beyond the capabilities of a conventional agitator or stirrer but do not necessarily require the intense high shear of a Silverson rotor/stator mixer.

A Silverson high shear batch mixer doesn't simply mix; it emulsifies, homogenizes, solubilizes, suspends, disperses and disintegrates solids. Each mixer, with its precision-engineered Silverson rotor/stator workhead, far outperforms conventional mixers, cutting processing times by up to 90%, improving quality, product consistency and process efficiency.

This series of mixers are designed for small scale production in pilot plants, research institutions, hospital pharmacies, etc. Light and easily operated, AX series models have a capacity of up to 50 liters.


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  • The Silverson L5M-A is ideal for all laboratory work, research and development, QA analysis and small scale production in all industries. The L5M-A Laboratory Mixer is suitable for the widest range of applications – mixing, emulsifying, homogenizing, disintegrating and dissolving – with an efficiency and flexibility unmatched by other machines.

  • Homogenization is the process of making a product completely uniform in terms of particle or globule size. Silverson mixer/homogenizers can achieve a globule or droplet size in the range of 2 – 5 microns which is sufficient for the vast majority of products including creams, ointments, sauces and pharmaceutical suspensions.

  • When making a pharmaceutical cream or ointment a fine, stable emulsion with good dispersion of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) is essential for creating the right consistency and functionality in the end product. A Silverson mixer can easily create a homogeneous, stable emulsion with a droplet size of 2 to 5 microns. Finer emulsions can be obtained depending on the formulation.

  • Silverson's range of Sanitary mixers are 3A type and EHEDG Certified and designed to comply with FDA and GMP requirements. Silverson mixers are ideally suited for industries where cleaning-in-place (CIP) and sterilizing-in-place (SIP) procedures are the norm.

  • There are various different types of pharmaceutical tablet coatings including traditional sugar-based coatings, film coatings and enteric coatings. Whichever type of coating you're manufacturing, this video shows how a Silverson machine will give you a uniform, consistent mix overcoming common processing problems such as flecking caused by uneven dispersion of colorant.

  • Due to an increase of inquiries for mixing equipment for the manufacture of hand sanitizers Silverson produced a video specifically on how our equipment can help manufacture hand sanitizers and eliminate common mixing problems that occur when mixing some of the key ingredients, such as Carbopol.

  • An emulsion is a mixture of two or more immiscible liquids – one being oil based and the other water based, or “aqueous.” They are described as “immiscible” liquids because they cannot easily be mixed together without separating. This video demonstrates how adding an emulsifier and using a high shear rotor/stator mixer can uniformly disperse the ingredients.

  • When adding powders to liquids they have a tendency to form agglomerates which conventional agitators cannot readily break down. The high shear action of the Silverson rotor/stator workhead rapidly disperses agglomerates, exposing increasing areas of the solid to the surrounding liquid.

  • Despite the wide range of capacities and viscosities agitators can handle, the low shear nature of agitators limits their effectiveness to performing simple tasks such as blending liquids of like viscosities, maintaining in-tank uniformity, and producing flow in a vessel to promote heat transfer from jacketed vessel walls. Silverson High Shear Rotor/Stator mixers are ideal for these types of applications and can cut mixing times by up to 90%, offering improved yield and product quality and greater batch-to-batch consistency.

  • Where there is a significant difference in viscosity between the two liquids, an agitator tends to move the two liquids around without actually blending them together, and it can take a long time to achieve a uniform blend. With a Silverson high shear mixer the liquids are blended almost instantaneously.


  • A multinational pharmaceutical company was developing a modified virus to be used in treatment to destroy cancerous tumors. To do this they needed equipment that could finely disintegrate and disperse the materials needed to produce the virus. After a successful trial of a lab mixer at the first stage of process development they worked with a manufacturer to purchase UHS autoclavable design mixers to get the same successful results at a larger scale.

  • A pharmaceutical manufacturer contacted Silverson as they wanted to develop a production process for an intravenous oncological medicine. The medicine would consist of a low viscosity liquid into which a hormone based active ingredient (AI) needed to be dispersed. The nature of the hormone was the challenge in this application as it had to be dispersed finely enough so that the suspension remained stable and didn’t separate over time, but it could not be over-sheared otherwise the associated medical effects could not be guaranteed, leaving a small margin for mixing and dispersing the AI effectively.

  • A global manufacturer of medical materials wanted to create a 20% solid suspension of a calcium product in water with a particle size of 10 microns, this was to be done in batches of approximately 55 US gallons. The customer’s main aim was to reduce particle size and to speed up their processing time by achieving the desired particle size reduction in a single pass. In the end a two stage in-line mixer yielded the desired results.

  • A manufacturer was producing medical paste using a 5 - 10 gallon drum using a simple propeller mixer. They were unable to produce the product quantities needed quickly and the small batches they were able to make were taking a long time. The FMX25 helped them to produce larger batches in a much shorter time and improve the quality of the product which was consistent from batch-to-batch.

  • A major supplier of gelatin capsules for the pharmaceutical industry that has successfully designed, developed and manufactured a range of innovative solutions faced a challenge with a new process. When incorporating various iron oxides as coloring agents they were having trouble with particles forming clusters resulting in poor yield and uneven coloring. The right mixer helped them reduce the particle size and create a quality finished product.

  • High Active Surfactants and water are of widely differing viscosities. If surfactants are pumped into the water in the vessel, they are not easily blended by conventional agitators. This can lead to globules of surfactant remaining undiluted or being partially diluted. Dilution is best carried out using a high shear in-line mixer.

  • Carbopol® is a water soluble polymer, used as an emulsifying, stabilizing, suspending, thickening in many industries and is also used as gelling agent in hand sanitizer gels and other products. Challenges of Carbopol include dusting problems, the formation of agglomerates which are not readily dispersed, and poor flow properties to name a few. The correct mixer can avoid these problems.

  • To produce a stable W/O emulsified vaccine with maintained immunity-inducing properties, the manufacturing process must achieve small emulsion droplets (<1 µm) with a monomodal and narrow particle size distribution. The use of high shear energy provided by a rotor/stator mixer is required to reach this target.

  • Products manufactured under sterile or cleanroom conditions - for example injectables and vaccines - present different challenges, especially regarding product sterilization. For these products, mixing would normally take place before sterilization but there are instances where post-production sterilization is impossible for technical reasons, placing further restrictions on the mixing process.

  • Contact lense solutions tend to have a similar base formulation: a saline solution (typically 5%) with a range of added ingredients according to the desired function. These include thickening agents, surfactants and active ingredients. Preparing saline solutions is a fairly simple task however stabilizers tend to form agglomerates which cannot be broken down by agitation and long mixing times are required to fully hydrate and dissolve the solids.

  • ​Traditional cough mixtures are formulated around a syrup at 60 - 75% concentration which is made from sucrose, maltodextrin, glucose, invert syrup, etc. The remainder is made up of thickening agents, stabilizers and active ingredients. Using conventional mixers and agitators for the manufacturing process leads to several potential problems. A high shear mixer allows the sugars and active ingredients to be dissolved at ambient temperatures to avoid problems.

  • Cream or ointment products can be either a water in oil (w/o) or oil in water (o/w) emulsion, consisting of waxes, emollients and lubricants dispersed in an oil phase, and a water phase containing emulsifying, stabilizing and thickening agents, preservatives and in some cases, colorant. Active ingredients are dispersed in either phase or added when the emulsion has been formed and allowed to cool. Read how to reduce mixing times while improving product uniformity and consistency.

  • Assay of products such as pharmaceutical suspensions and tablet coatings is a critical part of the quality assurance process. In some cases every batch of each product has to be tested, requiring 100% repeatability of results. Preparation of samples may involve disintegration of solids such as tablets, dispersion of powders into liquids, intimate mixing of liquid/liquid or liquid/solid components to accelerate reactions, etc. The correct mixer mixer can carry out these duties with great efficiency and repeatable results.

  • One of the key steps in the manufacturing process of hand sanitizersis preparation of the gel. Obtaining an agglomerate-free dispersion is essential to ensure a clear, bright gel after neutralization but low density powders such as Carbopol can be difficult to incorporate into liquids with a conventional agitator, and this can lead to dusting problems and aeration. The high shear mixing of a Silverson mixer ensures rapid incorporation and dispersion of powders to form an agglomerate-free solution, with minimized aeration.

  • There are various different types of pharmaceutical tablet coatings including traditional sugar-based coatings, film coatings and enteric coatings. Whichever type of coating you're manufacturing, a Silverson high shear mixer will give you a uniform, consistent mix overcoming common processing problems such as flecking caused by uneven dispersion of colorant.