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With a proven portfolio of solutions that span discovery through large-scale commercial production, we bring process intensification across your upstream and downstream workflows, without compromising on quality. And to stay ahead of future bioprocessing needs, we are focused on working with customers and utilizing our unique capabilities, like open architecture engineering and customization, to provide the right solutions to achieve optimal bioprocessing outcomes. That’s our commitment to you and it’s what we call Bioprocessing by Design.


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Thermo Fisher Scientific is expanding our single-use manufacturing network globally. Our Cramlington, UK site has expanded clean room space and invested in chamber manufacturing equipment for our BioProcess Containers and fluid transfer assemblies. Quality systems and processes have also been harmonized with other single-use manufacturing sites to provide true manufacturing redundancy for our customers.

Thermo Fisher Scientific is expanding our single-use manufacturing network globally. With continuous growth in China’s population, we have seen an increase in demand for human therapeutics and vaccines and an even greater need for investment in public health and safety to develop biopharmaceutical products in China.

Thermo Fisher Scientific is expanding our single-use manufacturing network globally. Some of the largest investments are taking place at our existing Logan, Utah, and Millersburg, Pennsylvania, sites. We are adding space for clean rooms for the manufacturing and assembly of Thermo Scientific BioProcess Containers and fluid transfer assemblies, investing in 2D and 3D chamber manufacturing equipment, and harmonizing our quality systems and processes.

This video animation details the benefits of the Thermo Scientific imPULSE Single-Use Mixer and illustrates how to use these mixers in an upstream and downstream mixing application.

Thermo Fisher Scientific has served as a key partner in the bioprocess industry, by establishing manufacturing and development capabilities, enabling Cytovance Biologics to expand offerings their product offering, to better serve clients with diverse pharmaceutical needs. In this video, the imPULSE Single-Use Mixer is highlighted for protein refolding applications at a 30 L scale and then transferred to manufacturing operations up to 5,000 L scale.

Single-use technologies have been widely adopted in research and process development and are now the foundation for entire manufacturing suites. To meet the increased demand in the industry regarding quality expectations and product availability, Thermo Fisher Scientific is investing $120 million to expand their single-use technologies manufacturing network.

We offer a portfolio of Thermo Scientific bioprocess equipment and automation solutions that are designed to reduce the complexity involved in scale-up and technology transfer, and enable the data management that is required of GMP-certified facilities for product quality, system validation, and record-keeping. We help you establish, transfer, and maintain recipes, alerts, batch records, and historian data with a consistent user interface from R&D to process development to GMP manufacturing.

This video is part 2 of 2 videos that cover the unpacking and inspection of Thermo Scientific BioProcess Containers (BPCs), including both 2D and 3D BPCs, manifolds, and tubing assemblies. In this video we will cover unboxing, inspecting, product support.


Proven solutions for large-scale production of cells, vaccines, and cellular therapeutics, these systems have the same growth kinetics as laboratory-scale cell culture products. The ports of the system make it easy to customize and close with custom tubing assemblies that facilitate venting, filling, and harvesting.

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Maximize productivity with automation solutions for scale-up of your Cell Factory systems. Automation solution options include Automated Cell Factory Manipulator (ACFM), CO2 Incubator, Shaker and Shelving Systems.

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