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The national regulations on the serialization and aggregation of drugs are possibly the most important criteria in the global marketing of pharmaceuticals and other related healthcare solutions. Optimum implementation requires complete and up-to-the-minute knowledge of the relevant obligations for pharma serialization and aggregation. WIPOTEC's large number of global projects have shown that successful serialization and aggregation projects are well planned and avoid unnecessary expenditures that oftentimes lead to implementation delays.


Traceable Quality is Wipotec’s unique answer to the challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry.

Wipotec's high-performance pharmaceutical checkweighers check your packed or unpacked products down to the milligram.

TQS-CP-Bottle is designed for the perfect integration in bottle or vial production lines. The system can be set up directly at the outlet of any conventional labeling machine to verify the previously serialised labels on individual cylindrical containers via an omnidirectional, 360° inspection.

TQS-SP-Bottle prints auxiliary codes and verifies bottles and vials. Printing is completed by the CIJ printer either on the underside or the top of the bottle or vial (visible only under UV light, if required). Subsequently, the machine verifies the previously serialised bottle or vial labels.

The TQS-Bottle from WIPOTEC-OCS serialises medicine bottles at high transport speeds. Serialisation is carried out simply by applying labels to the bottles. The compact, space-saving footprint of the TQS-Bottle combined with a very short design in the direction of product flow makes it easily integrated into existing lines. Labelling is carried out in a star wheel with format-specific pockets or a driven lateral side grip conveyor. If necessary, the system can respond to product-specific requirements with the aid of format parts. A thermal printing system ensures high-resolution printing of the labels with plain text and product codes.

TQS-CP stands for the successful semi-automatic aggregation of manually repacked folding boxes. It lets you conveniently assign units from a lower level (folding box or bundle) to a higher packaging level (shipment carton).

TQS-BP is perfectly equipped for the simple implementation of the first aggregation level. The system enables the serial numbers from multiple single packages to be combined to form one unique serial number for the set.

Products with faulty coding are ejected ahead of the weighing belt into a separate lockable container. Products with a faulty weight use a second ejection system directly behind the weighing belt. The intuitive operation of all components is conveniently and centrally organised in a single interface. This means that all system components are directly, quickly, and easily controlled by a single software interface, without any program changes.

TQS-HC-A, equipped with Tamper-Evident labelling systems on both sides, allows you to serialise the folding boxes, to verify the print, to seal the insertion flaps with Tamper-Evident labels, to apply vignettes from above, to discharge products according to diverse sort rules, and to determine the weight – all during throughput operations.

TQS-HC-A adopts the convenient features of TQS-SP in terms of product management and serialisation, expanding them with a final completeness check by means of weight. Optional modules integrate the functionalities of our compact Tamper-Evident technology and country-specific vignette applicator.

The TQS-SP for flat boxes from WIPOTEC-OCS was designed for offline coding and serialisation of flat cardboard blanks used in folding boxes for pharmaceuticals. It enables cost-efficient serialisation of small and medium batch sizes of pharmaceutical packaging that is to be pre-produced or hand-packed. As a centralised serialisation solution, the TQS-SP is a welcome alternative for inline serialisation of folding boxes on packaging lines with only low proportions of serialisation or a high number of job changes due to small batch sizes. The TQS-SP is ready for use immediately without any integration effort.

TQS-SP is a user-friendly solution for the serialisation of individual cartons. The folding boxes are conveyed by a specially designed, double guided top/bottom belt conveyor that ensures stable positioning after leaving the cartoner.

The HC-A multi-track systems are particularly well-suited for use with small package sizes (for example, stick packs or 4-sided sealed bags). Multi-track units are available in conventional conveyor belt systems and also as a push over variant. High-precision weight measurements with individual display are provided for each track (with the minimal mid-lane positioning). The rejection system can be track based or combined.

The HC-A-MI is the perfect automated system for continuous and accurate weighing of ultra-lightweight parts in the milligram range. Product infeed is product-specific and individually managed.

The HC-A-IS (IS-D for double lane) is a special machine configuration of the HC-A for weighing wobbly, cylindrical products (e.g. cans, bottles, vials, etc.) in a revolving weighing system with a high throughput at high speed.

In terms of precision and throughput, HC-A checkweighers are an ideal choice to meet the demands of high speed, dynamic weighing requirements. The machines provide the controls and engineering to create the ideal platform for implementing complex regulation and control tasks. The HC-A is the basis for high end application-oriented systems that provide a maximum of 600 weight values per minute with 100% product monitoring.

Reliability and transparency of production data are the basis of all planning. The EC-E checkweigher from WIPOTEC-OCS guarantees 100% data capture in ongoing production.



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