Immunometabolism Drug Development Summit
February 12 - 13, 2019 - Boston MA US

Hanson Wade
Phone: 16174554188

As scientific breakthroughs and novel discoveries reveal the causal link and interface between metabolic pathways and immune cell function, the inaugural Immunometabolism Drug Development Summit 2019 is dedicated to help large pharma, biotech and academia translate basic immunometabolism research into a novel class of clinically safe and effective therapeutics for immune-mediated diseases. The field of immunometabolism has thrived over the last decade, revealing not only a better understanding of immune cells and their functions but also the impact of key metabolic pathways on immune cell development, fate, and behavior. As such the emerging field of immunometabolism offers a tremendous opportunity to set a higher standard for how immune-mediated diseases are treated. Contact: + 1 617 455 4188

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