Webinar on Successful IRT Partnerships
October 12, 2017 - Princeton NJ US


Phone: 973-241-1381 Ext 3089

DDi is organizing the webinar on Successful IRT Partnerships.This webinar will examine how much better could the experience be if we were to invest proper time and effort with a single selected vendor, over time learning from our mistakes, improving our procedures and passing on knowledge to the study teams following behind us? Speaker: Kate Chapman Director & Principal Consultant,Clinical Technology Consultants Ltd. Former Associate Director, IRT Services ,Shire Pharmaceuticals. Date & Time: Thursday, 12th Oct 2017 , 11 AM - 12 Noon EST | 4 PM - 5 PM CET Click here to register : https://www.ddismart.com/webinar-registration-successful-irt-partnerships

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