6th FIP Pharmaceutical Sciences World Congress 2017
May 21 - 24, 2017 - Stockholm NL

International Pharmaceutical Federation

Phone: +310703021982

The International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) is pleased to bring you the 6th PSWC, in collaboration with many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical science and educational organisations. PSWC 2017 will provide scientists from all over the world with a place to meet and network with key opinion leaders from the pharmaceutical industry, government agencies, regulatory bodies, academia and public-private partnerships, to formulate a global research agenda on "Future Medicines for One World". Scandinavia, with Stockholm at the heart of it, will give you the best opportunity to develop a new Future for Medicines for One World. A Young Scientists Satellite Conference (YSC) will be part of PSWC 2017. It will foster the development of a new generation of visionary and ground-breaking pharmaceutical scientists via this special event for Master students, PhD students and Post-docs to present their research. Exhibitors and sponsors are invited to take advantage of extensive, high quality showcase opportunities, bringing the best of their products, services and organizations to the public eye. More information and varieties of exposure here: http://pswc2017.fip.org/files/static/pswc2017/6th_FIP_PSWC_2017_1_2_2016.pdf

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