2nd International Conference on Clinical and Medical Microbiology
May 15 - 16, 2019 - Brussels SC SG

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Microbiology Conferences | Microbiology Conference | Clinical Microbiology 2019 International Conference on Clinical and Medical Microbiology will be held in Brussels, Belgium from May 15-16, 2019 The theme “To explore the microbial world and it’s applications for the benefit of mankind’’ that focuses on detailed study of structure, life and mechanism of action of microbes to deal with infectious diseases and utilize it for the health of future generation. Microbiology is a vast field of study of microorganisms covering wide range of studies that are affecting human beings and animals in both positive and negative ways. With the advent of newly evolved strains of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms, mortality rates have been affected in a very drastic manner. Pharmaceutical companies are under pressure to design new drugs as people are developing drug-resistant infections. Other than the disadvantages of the growth of microorganisms, there are many advantages we get from their growth like in food industries, gut microbiota, etc. Food industries utilize yeast for manufacturing of bread and use microorganisms for fermentation, production of alcohol and beer. Gut microbiology is itself an expanded field of research that involves study of microorganisms hosting inside our body and surviving symbiotically. Microorganisms residing in other body parts like vaginal canal, etc., protect our body from serious infections by fighting against the growth of microorganisms from outside environment. There are still many aspects of microbiology that are required to be mentioned as the miniature world of microbes is too huge to be explored. International Conference on Clinical and Medical Microbiology is a remarkable event organized for scientists, researchers, microbiologists, engineers and health professionals to promote the dissemination and proper application of research findings related to microorganisms and infectious diseases. The conference invites participants from universities, hospitals, industries and clinical research institutions to unveil their research experiences and ideas covering all aspects of this rapidly expanding field of work. We are inviting brilliant minds to come up with their latest ideas and research done in the field of microbiology, bacteriology, virology, mycology, phycology, microbial evolution, pharmaceutical microbiology and food microbiology. Bring your latest research abstracts and get it published in our journals to reveal to the whole world and inspire others to learn more. Sessions: 1. Bacteriology 2. Viruses, Viroids and Prions 3. Evolutionary microbiology and antibiotic resistance 4. Microbial Genetics 5. Infectious diseases and epidemiology 6. Antimicrobial Peptides and Antibiotics 7. Host-Pathogen Interaction 8. Microbial Pathogenesis 9. Vaccines and Immunity 10. Microbial Biochemistry 11. Medical Microbiology 12. Pharmaceutical Microbiology Organizing Committee Members: 1. J. Santiago Mejia Founder, Ectocrine Technologies, USA 2. Richard HADDAD Director, Zen Pharma, France 3. Jean-Marie Poffe Pharmacist, Nutrition Cellulaire, Belgium 4. Ivana Haluskova balter French Society of Immunology, France 5. Segundo Mesa Castillo Insitute of Neurology of Havana, Cuba Supporting Journals: • Journal of Medical Microbiology Reports • Infectious Diseases: Prevention and Control Journal • HIV and AIDS Research Journal • Journal of Infectious Diseases and Immune Therapies • Journal of Virology and Antiviral Research

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