Leading Functional Work Teams – Overcoming Dysfunctions
December 4, 2018 - Online Event ON CA

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Have you ever been on, or led a team, that dragged you down. Where the team produced less as a whole than the individual members could have produced working on their own. Ever been on, or led a team, where the team was able to produce more as a team than the individual members could achieve on their own? You can leave team functioning to develop by accident, or you can be intentional about it. Whether you are a formal leader on a team or a member of that team, you can use the model developed by top selling author Patrick Lencioni in his book The Five Dysfunctions of Teams to make your team function at a higher level and be a better place to work. Even teams that are functioning at a high level now can improve. This is a how-to webinar – you will come away with not only new information, but also ideas for implementation.

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