3rd Annual RNA Targeted Drug Discovery

December 8 - 10, 2020 - MA US

Hanson Wade


The 3rd RNA- Targeted Drug Discovery Summit returns as the most comprehensive and definitive event for the RNA targeting small molecule community to not only address key challenges of the field, such as successful determination and prediction of RNA structure and role in disease, but also to drive forward optimized strategies to improve target selection and gain pre-clinical proof of concept to drive the field forward towards translation into clinical development. With numerous approaches emerging to demonstrate genuine viability in directly or indirectly targeting RNA with small molecules, join leading biopharmaceutical directors, VPs and C-level executives at the 3rd RNA- Targeted Drug Discovery Summit - your premier industry and translational focused conference dedicated to advancing pioneering RNA biology and drug discovery into a blockbuster RNA targeting small molecule therapeutic approach that improves patient outcomes. The world of drug discovery and chemical probes is still protein-centric and developing highly selective small molecules targeting RNA is often considered to be an insurmountable challenge. This view is now changing given the recent progress and scientific breakthroughs in understanding the fundamental biology and function of RNA, opening the door to RNA targeted small molecule drug discovery. Why You Should Attend the RNA- Targeted Drug Discovery Summit - Explore how to optimize medicinal chemistry insights and RNA biology to enhance robust translation with The Scripps Research Institute, Anima Biotech and Arrakis Therapeutics - Successfully target RNA via interfering with RNA-protein interactions/ Epitranscriptomics with insights from Storm Therapeutics, Accent Therapeutics and Saverna Therapeutics - Expand your knowledge of RNA structure, function and role in disease with insights from Yale University, H3 Biomedicine and Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research - Advance identification and validation of viable RNA target sites for therapeutic intervention with insights from PTC Therapeutics and Duke University - Overcome binding, selectivity and drug-like challenges of small molecules targeting RNA with insights from Roche, University of California San Diego and Novartis Visit the website and download your complimentary event guide to find out more!

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