8th International Conference on Parasitology & Microbes

December 3 - 4, 2020 - GB

Conference Series llc LTD


On behalf of the Conferenceseries LLC LTD Parasitology 2020 invites all the interested speakers, delegates, students and young achievers to attend the 8th International Conference on Parasitology & Microbes to be held during December 03-04, 2020 at Singapore 8th International Conference on Parasitology & Microbes targets to Aquire eminent professionals, researchers and medical practitioner for scientific discussion on discovering remedy to the ailments and manipulate new disease from emerging. The relationship between host and parasites will be discussed in the world congrss. Latest lookup in the functioning of parasites and its implications in paving way for new disease will be mentioned to get solution. Infectious illnesses are the end result of parasites and if we can discover the cure organising the correct relationship between the host and parasites, there will be primary leap forward in the medical field. Parasitology-2020 seeks participation in the current research discussions on parasites, its growth and improvement alongside with the infectious disease and its cure

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