2nd International Conference on European Nursing and Medicare Expo

March 1 - 2, 2021 - DC US

Herald Meetings LLC

Phone:1 (609) 540-7643
Fax:1 202-217-4195

NURSES ARE THE HEART OF HEALTHCARE Herald Meetings LLC cordially welcomes you to join our WEBINAR/ONLINE EVENT on 2nd International Conference on European Nursing and Medicare Expo (Euro Nursing 2021) during March 01-02, 2021. Everyone knows that nurses (healthcare professionals) are the front line warriors. So, we Herald Meetings are glad to take an opportunity to provide a perfect platform to each and every nurse and healthcare professional to share their thoughts, researches, assessments, and etc.… Theme: Current Challenges and Innovations in Nursing Practices Nursing is a profession, which comprises full of challenges in daily life. Nurses are not only justifying their roles, amid this current pandemic nurses are one of the healthcare professionals who risks/sacrifices their lives to fight against COVID-19 to save the lives of world. Conference Page: https://euronursing.heraldmeetings.com/ Registration link: https://euronursing.heraldmeetings.com/registration Abstract Submission: https://euronursing.heraldmeetings.com/submit-abstract Conference Highlights (Tracks): 1. Clinical Nursing and Practice 2. Nursing Practice and Research 3. Nursing Management of COVID-19 4. Patient Safety & Nursing Care 5. Critical Care and Emergency Nursing 6. Gynecology and Obstetrics Nursing 7. Pediatric Nursing and Maternal Healthcare 8. Family and Community Health Nursing 9. Adult Health Nursing 10. Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing 11. Nursing Leadership and Management 12. Midwifery and Women Health Nursing 13. Nursing Informatics 14. Occupational Health Nursing 15. Nursing Specialties and Law 16. Advanced Technologies in Nursing Care 17. Male Nursing 18. Strategies for Strengthening Nursing 19. Military Nursing 20. Telemetry Nursing & E-health 21. Medical-Surgical Nursing 22. Trauma and Critical Care Nursing

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