PREDiCT: Tumour Models London 2019

December 4 - 6, 2019 - London GB

Hanson Wade
Phone:+44 (0)20 3141 8700

How Can Your Preclinical Oncology Models Influence and Translate into Clinical Success? The 8th annual PREDiCT: Tumour Models London will return this December with a fresh speaker faculty to help you benchmark your oncology model selection strategy and target validation. With the rise of immuno-oncology, model requirements, target validation and the importance of tumour micro-environment are key to clinical success. The 3-days summit will provide you with real world data from a selected model experts, including Merck Healthcare KGaA, MedImmune, Kymab, Leiden University, Basilea Pharmaceutica for practical insights. Unmissable Case Studies: *Unique PDX models to advance liquid-biopsy research and immunotherapy (Rabin Medical Center) *Assessment of different humanised mouse models for the evaluation of cancer immunotherapies (Sanofi) *Innovative models with increased clinical relevance and predictive value for in vivo profiling of cancer immunotherapies (Roche Innovation Center) *Complementary models to study oncolytic virus immunotherapy (National Center for Tumor Diseases) *Improving translational gap of preclinical outcomes through PKPD modelling (AstraZeneca) Join this community to meet 100+ like-minded translational, in vivo and pharmacology scientists to discuss how to enhance predictiveness and translatability of your preclinical models.

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