4th NASH USA Summit

December 15 - 18, 2020 - MA US

Hanson Wade


The NASH Summit offers an unrivalled, market leading opportunity to learn cutting-edge insights into the successes, setbacks and innovations in NASH drug development from the last 12 months. As the only totally comprehensive forum covering all aspects of NASH drug development from mechanistic science through to market access intelligence, this exclusively NASH dedicated conference is the meeting of the year in the NASH biopharma calendar. Join over 80 speakers and 300 attendees across 4 days of unrivalled depth and breadth of discussion broken down into: - 4 tracks hosting scientific case studies and thought leading panel analysis of discovery, translational and clinical drug development, and non-invasive biomarker application in the clinical algorithm of care - 7 discussion driven, expert led workshops into: epigenetics, targeting the inflammasome, assessing translational models and non-invasive evaluations of NAFLD and NASH; understanding NASH associated-hepatocellular carcinoma, drug safety in NASH, and regulatory and clinical considerations for paediatric NASH - 2 forward thinking seminars dedicated to applying relationships and lessons learned from wider anti-fibrotic drug development for pulmonary, renal and cardiac fibrosis to hepatic fibrosis, and understanding the market access challenges associated with NASH including the pricing and reimbursement considerations Join conference chair Jason Campagna, Chief Medical Officer at Intercept, and 350+ attendees as the community comes together again to address challenges and the consequences of change in the next generation of the NASH market.

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