Gene Therapy Patient Engagement | March 23-25, 2021 | 100% Digital

March 23 - 25, 2021 - KS US

Hanson Wade

Despite unprecedented investment in the field, engaging patients and building clinical programs with patients at the center remains the critical factor in achieving success in the gene therapy space. In this context, the inaugural Gene Therapy Patient Engagement Summit will delve into the specific details of how to integrate the patient voice at every stage of gene therapy development, enabling you to collaborate with the patient community more effectively than ever before. By leveraging knowledge and experience from patient advocacy leaders at gene therapy companies, patient advocacy organizations and patients themselves, this digital meeting will probe a level beyond broad concepts and explore case studies on defining novel outcomes for gene therapy trials, managing the unique challenges involved in long-term follow-ups and when, how and with which tools to engage patients most effectively. Join this definitive, digital conference to hear directly from companies and institutions who are sharing real-world examples of what (and what hasn’t) been successful in integrating the patient voice in gene therapy to gain actionable insights that will strengthen your own pipeline development.

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